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At their worst they long to escape from the "real world" and retreat into their illusions. The lesson that Pisces teaches is the one of a spiritual being having a human experience. The lesson that Pisces is to learn comes from Virgo, their polar opposite: to integrate the earthly reality with the magic of the celestial realms. Quiz: Test Your Pisces Knowledge. Join the discussion on Pisces. How to be part of a good support structure.

Hormones play a role in depression, but hormones don't I've written a lot about the effects that the Saturn-Pluto Element and Quality of Pisces Element and Quality of Pisces Pisces is a sign of the Water element, the realm of the emotional world which is of crucial importance to Pisces. Pisces in Love Pisces in Love Pisces is the quintessential romantic. Pisces at Work Pisces at Work The ethereal nature and overactive imagination of Pisces can be difficult in the world of work if the work life is anchored in a rigid schedule and repetitive tasks.

The Pisces Friend The Pisces Friend With their heightened intuition and empathy, your Pisces friend will know how you feel before you do. What Inspires Pisces What Inspires Pisces Pisces is infused with a deep and innate longing to connect deeply with the divine Source of all that is. Metals, Colors and Gems of Pisces Metals, Colors and Gems of Pisces Pisces' colors are the colors of the ocean: pale blue for healing and tranquility, and aqua for emotional healing and protection. Occupations Ruled by Pisces Occupations Ruled by Pisces The creativity of Pisces gives them the aptitude for writing, poetry, and as artists and musicians of all kinds.

Lessons for Pisces to Learn and Teach Lessons for Pisces to Learn and Teach While the Piscean individual has come to master the connection between the human life and the spiritual experience, they are not always adept at balancing the mundane realities of the everyday world with their visions and dreams. All About Taurus. All About Gemini. All About Cancer. All About Leo. All About Virgo. All About Libra. All About Scorpio.

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Scorpio Horoscope. Pisces Horoscope. More Subscribe. What kind of Aries are you? Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now.

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Take Quiz. You might also like. View All. Pisces Daily Horoscope You need to control the vortex of emotions swirlin Pisces Weekly Horoscope - In terms of your relationships, this week will pro Pisces Yearly Horoscope Your true self will show admirable intelligence an Shahid Kapoor In addition to acting, Kapoor supports charities, hosts award ceremonies, and has featured as a talent judge on the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded Type your question here… Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered.

The last of the Zodiac Signs, Pisces, symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, have a wide range of talents, and have the ability to adjust to various kinds of environments as they are very flexible. It depicts the dissolution of reality, as it is believed that the Earth arises from the ocean and finally dissolves back into it. Neptune is represented by the halo around it, which disables you from seeing what is real. Therefore, you have to depend on your imagination to help you through the hidden aspects of life. Neptune also symbolises the spiritual and the mystical aspect of your personality.

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It is about anything that you cannot perceive with your five senses. Twelfth House: Endings The Twelfth House of the Zodiac is believed to symbolise endings, but this is not true; it is actually about recycling, and transforming into something new. This brings a little dose of sweetness to this day, promoting listening, care, and consideration.

At the edge of reason, Mars makes an opposition to Neptune and the full moon. This is a dose of high-octane intoxicant, adding to the mushy make-up of this lunation. Directions get blurry, instructions get lost, and gas-lighting may feel more than likely. Here, Mercury is given a major boost by Venus. The Goddess in all her glory gives The Messenger ample sweet treats and trinkets. This helps us beautify our speech and better connect with one another. Both are soon to face some incredible opponents. As they do, our relationship dynamics and communication issues will need our attention, energy, and commitment.

Having been retrograde since the end of April, Saturn has been encouraging us to review the structures we work within. Nothing is a teacher like real life, and the effects of Saturn are far from virtual.

As this Babe of Boundaries pivots, do what you need to honor yours. Committing to forward momentum can be the difference between settling for situations not meant for you, or connecting to your future potential by risking what is comfortable but confining. Most fears are just problems waiting to be figured out. It wants you to dismantle doubt, channel the confidence of a mediocre white man, and give life your all.

This astro might make you a little extra agro, so channel that excess energy into your most challenging projects and pursuits. The last of 3 squares between these two planets helps us to clear up a couple of our doubts about our growth and pathways towards progress. Over the past year, as Jupiter and Neptune have been in a square to each other, many opportunities may have turned to mush, but many a daydream may have led to your best idea yet.

The rub of these two teaches us to manage expectations while allowing time to fantasize ourselves out of what restricts us. After this last pass, Jupiter is free and in the best form it will be for quite some time. Over the course of the next couple of days, the area of your chart that contains Libra goes through a rough patch.

You may have many a writing deadline or many a tough conversation to be had.

Sign of Pisces Karma and Pisces Life Purpose Horoscope

Some you should heed, some you should have a good long look at to find your way around. Happy Equinox! With this change of light we get a new perspective. The sun will go through the same challenges that all planets in Libra must. There are a few limits and boundaries that might feel like a weight, until you muster up the strength to lift them. Take advantage of the bright ideas and bold conversations that come your way.

There may not be a ton of pleasure here, but any responsibilities tended to will most likely lead to some in the long-run. Boundaries in partnerships become a big deal. Knowing which to be firm on and which were erected out of fear makes all the difference. Deep and cathartic conversations may not lead to peace talks but they will get to the truth. We can choose to work through it or hide from it, but if we do the latter we just have to deal with it in another form, in another time. What comes to consciousness now, needs to.

Pisces Characteristics

Healing has its own time. The Harvest Moon primes you for such insights.

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Hopefully this has created some space in you for a little more self-acceptance, a little less fear, and a lot more forgiveness for the mistakes you make as you try, learn, and be human. Let the cleansing nature of this moment leave you with lighter emotional baggage than before. This moment also lifts up the projects that you are working on behind the scenes. As they come to an important stage of their growth, consider how best to serve them. Be mindful of what they lack and be willing to work at correcting it. As the Harvest Moon fades, so too does Virgo Season. Its close makes a point to inspire you to get your professional life that much more precisely put together.

Taking a few key actions is critical at this point as you have a storehouse of power at your disposal. The impact you make at work is long-lasting and should be done with confidence, swagger, and skill. As Saturn stations direct, it gives you a report card on the structures, boundaries, and responsibilities that you have taken on in your career. Over the past 5 months, this strict seductress has made it abundantly clear that nothing much can be accomplished in your professional sphere without your commitment to the process.

This has not been an immediate gratification type of situation but what Saturn has offered you is the opportunity to fully investigate and reflect on what, and who, you answer to.

Transit Planets

Or should refuse to. There is a place for all of us on this planet. It was made big enough, wide enough, and grand enough to hold all of our complexity. But more than that, it is dependent upon it.

Pisces Nature - Pisces Ruling Planet

It is the diversity that we bring that makes this place whole. The Harvest Moon pulls focus on how you feel about your wide array of friends, networks, and associations. As the full moon fades and Virgo Season comes to a close, the power of your creativity makes itself known.

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What you create is constantly shaping you; choose your projects with the shape of what you are growing yourself into in mind. The Equinox brings with it a departure in tone. Libra Season sees you hard at work and challenged in ways that demand the best from you. These little pitfalls and obstacles give you important pieces of your professional puzzle.

The soul of your work is where the Harvest Moon wants you to place your attention.