Aquarius sun aquarius rising horoscope

The honey that flows from these days is not only golden but fortifying for the system. Claiming our desires makes our immune systems stronger. Suppressing a yearning only confuses our energy flow. Admitting to ourselves what we want is the first step towards creating the conditions that will bring it to us.

Celebrate this full moon by simply being a little more present to the love, pleasure, and connections that fill your life with joy. Feed your loves honey. Kiss more. Hug often. Create altars everywhere you go. Beautify your path and feel the blessing of being able to do so. Offer flowers and flirtatious affections to any and all Goddesses you come into contact with. Connect with all rituals that remind you what feels good, right, and holy to your whole system.

For a reading, ritual and guided meditation for the full moon, click here. As Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shade, it makes a chaotic clash with Uranus. Hard on the system sometimes, what usually accompanies this astrology is the kind of truth that shatters norms. Be open to hearing the disruptive-but-decidedly-honest information meant for you. Be wary of saying something just to cause chaos. Mars enters Virgo where it remains until October 3, None may be as aggressively hard-working as Mars in Virgo.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

Here, Mars fights back the urge to call it in, give up, or care less. This warrior is ready to challenge itself — and all of us — to do better daily. The part of our chart that contains Virgo is about to go through some exciting updates. Stay tuned. Venus enters Virgo where it remains until September 14, While in Virgo, Venus gets dirty. Not afraid of hard work, here Venus is more likely to put off pleasure than pursue it.

As Mercury makes its trine to Jupiter, good news and big ideas arrive. Here, our plans and communications get a jolt of lightning-like inspired ideas.

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Some may be too big for real-time so temper the torrential downpour with sound timeline realities. Sun enters Virgo where it remains until September 23, It is imperative to its well-being. As the planets leave the heat and intensity of Leo, they ask us what we can do to utilize the tools we have at hand while in Virgo. As Mars, Venus, the sun and soon Mercury enter this earth sign, they quickly form a trine to Uranus, the planet of change.

Aquarius Rising Significance

As the cosmic lovers unite, they do so productively. In Virgo, Venus and Mars aim for a perfect union, one that works as hard as it loves. Passion gets channeled into productivity and sparks some of our more potent projects.

A Sun, Moon, And Rising Zodiac Sign Explainer That Will Help Astrology Make So Much More Sense

What gets conceived of now should be taken seriously, worked with thoroughly, and protected accordingly. Just after Venus and Mars unite, the two go on to receive an update from Uranus. A little disruptive and a lot innovative, Venus trine Uranus takes our industriousness to a whole new level. Our creative projects benefit greatly when we dare to break free from the confines of mediocrity. A trine between two of the most disruptive planets is cause for a little pause. This astrology is fantastic for breakthroughs but not so much for stabilization.

Use this transit to bust down any walls of resistance you have to your own success. Days like this show us what we are capable of when we refuse despair and instead focus on what is worth fighting for. Mercury enters Virgo, where it remains until September 14, Today marks another moment in a week filled to the brim with industrious innovations. With the ruler of Virgo back in its home sign, all the planets there the Sun, Venus, and Mars have a little extra gas in their tank. As the sun trines Uranus, we have the third planet in a week pass through this setup.

This first part of Virgo Season sets us up to confront, understand, and dismantle the outdated versions of our ways of working. The full moon pulls focus on the groups that you are a part of and the joy and pleasure they bring into your world. Party with those that you have loved, struggled alongside, healed with, and risked being vulnerable around. The days surrounding the full moon will also help you get to the core of an intimacy issue with friends or lovers. Your ability to hold what hurts for yourself, while being able to communicate your needs to others, makes it possible for your relationships to have depth and length of life.

Let your feelings breath and the facts that surround them will be all the more available for your use. Right now your work calls for innovation, creativity, and sustainability. Take stock of your tool shed. What serves you daily? What have you let go rusty?

What just needs a little rewiring? Get busy remembering and renewing your relationship to the tools that are made to help you build successfully. The full moon lights up your career goals and public roles. What you have achieved, and what you have learned in light of it, now comes into view. Focus on what the process has taught you. Focus on what you have been able to understand about yourself through the brave act of chasing your dreams. Focus on what you are no longer afraid of trying, saying, or revealing about yourself. Once the full moon fades, what comes to consciousness is your need for a new creative outlet.

Innovating what you make and how you make it is the theme of your last two weeks of August. What you are creating may or may not be changing, but how you create must. Meditate on the aspects of your self-expression that want a little more free will. Try not to let your ideas of what others want dominate what you make. The world needs you to break the molds of convention. The full moon helps you to move beyond the realm of your known world. It gently nudges you towards what holds meaning for you. It helps you to slowly open up to a little mystery. It asks you to suspend your judgment for just a moment so that you might connect a little more deeply to it.

The full moon wants you to pull a tarot card, journal about it, draw it, dream on it, and give thanks for it. It wants you to remember that life is yours to fill with meaning. Find a moment away from the chaos of your life, your screens, your newsfeeds, and watch the moon rise. Watch the sun set. Watch the bees pack up for the day. Feel the breeze on your skin and find a place where you can ground and touch down.

Denounce busy and radically reclaim what in your life is beloved. As the full moon fades, the rest of August encourages you to do what you can to reconnect to your home and inner life. It might require you to rearrange some furniture, change your area code, or shift a priority or two. You deserve to feel abundantly safe and cared for when you enter your inner chambers.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

The full moon pulls focus on the pleasures of your collaborative pursuits. How you make a living is getting gifted with an extra dose of sweetness. Share some. Those that support you, see you through tough professional obstacles and help make your work-life less challenging benefit from your accolades. The good things that others offer are to be received as a blessing — taking a moment to acknowledge them as such can go an incredibly long way in your work together. The full moon also helps you to shed a layer of any emotional debris that has built up.

Through appreciating the quality of the time you have during the day, you are more likely to let old stresses slough off. Acting as an incredibly gentle psychic exfoliant, the full moon illuminates the places in you that have healed-even if just a teeny amount. The littlest of internal shifts can help you make the most dramatic overall changes.

Once the full moon fades, your days begin to get busier. With more action, adventure, and communications taking place, you are bound to feel the need to do and say more. What you say gets extra attention now. Focus on getting your main point across with great clarity. The gifts of connection and companionship are portals into greater self-awareness.

The messages that reveal themselves now are long-lasting. Allow yourself a little time to take them in. Allow yourself the luxury of letting go of a little resentment. Allow yourself the pleasure of not needing to be perfect in order to be loved. Notice who is offering you affection without demands and care without coercion. Notice the appreciation that comes from others, with no strings attached. They may also become more intelligent and crave to learn more about the world around them. Taurus people are intelligent, but they learn differently and Aquarius people.

Being born under the Aquarius ascendant sign can help them to learn in ways that Taurus people usually cannot. They may become more creative and social because of this as well, which can help them at both work and home. Gemini people are creative, social, and intelligent, just like Aquarius people! When born under the Aquarius rising not many changes with the individual personality traits of a Gemini person. Instead, their matching traits are likely to stand out more than they usually would, compared to an average Gemini person. Based on the Aquarius rising meaning , this sign helps Cancer people to be more creative and even more open about their feelings which they usually hide.

This can help them to make new friends, and have better luck at work and in their hobbies. Leo people are creative and intelligent, as well as social. When born under Aquarius rising , this sign will be able to learn from their creativity. This is sure to be able to help them at work. As they complete their goals, they will become more confident, which will make their social life better as well. Apart from being intelligent, Virgo and Aquarius people have nothing in common. According to the Aquarius rising facts, Virgo people tend to become more relaxed and more creative.

They will take more time for themselves and to have fun with their friends. All of this will help them to be less stressed than the average Virgo. When born under Aquarius ascendant, balance, especially when forming new relationships with someone, will be less important than it is for the average Libra. Scorpio people are creative and intelligent, but they can be shy at times. Being born under Aquarius rising can help this sign to come out of their shell.

Their creativity will stand out more, which will also help this sign to attract new friends. Sagittarius people and Aquarius people have almost everything in common, but Sagittarius people tend to move around more, and Aquarius people tend to learn more. When born under the Aquarius rising sign , Sagittarius people may move around less, or learn more from the places they visit.

Being born under this sign will help them to learn things in creative ways, as well as becoming more creative. This sign is also likely to become more social as well. Aquarius people who are born under Aquarius rising will not gain or lose any of their personality traits. Instead, the Aquarius rising sign will only show off their traits more. Upon first impressions, a new friend will be able to tell right away that they are talking to an Aquarius person. Pisces people are creative like Aquarius people.

When born under Aquarius rising , Pisces people will become more creative than usual, more intelligent, and especially more social. Their passions will be more easily able to motivate both their creativity and their love life. Being born under Aquarius rising helps the signs to unwind and have a good time, to learn more and apply what they learn creatively, and to make lasting connections with others. Surely, anyone would be lucky to be born under Aquarius rising sign.

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