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Mercury and the sun sneak into your retreat corner over the weekend, signaling that your year is winding down. Be careful about talking down to someone when Mercury in your authority angle provokes Jupiter, setting up high expectations and possibly introducing an imperious tone. The good news is you might be able to harness this energy to make enthusiastic plans with another person.

A promotion or job offer could be in the cards in the next five months or so, and you should keep a high profile to catch the eye of key players. A new mentor may show up soon, so keep your eye out for people who can give you a leg up. If your fear of change is causing you to play small in order to keep everything the same, this is your cue to stop shortchanging yourself. It can be uncomfortable to sell yourself, but this eclipse wants you to succeed! With Mars running into trouble with Neptune, sex or sharing could muddy the waters in a friendship.

You might get a bit preachy on the job or have a strong opinion about the right way of doing things when your ruling planet rubs Jupiter the wrong way this week. Try channeling your zeal into a grand plan for getting something accomplished, without bossing anyone around. The sun and Mercury are clicking with Uranus in your network zone, enticing you to look out for opportunities to share an impromptu adventure or learning experience with your crew.

When a solar eclipse shakes your expansion corner, a big trip or new course of study could be on the horizon. You might opt to launch an entrepreneurial venture in the coming months or get involved in a cause you care about. For those Twins who are writers and there are many of you , publishing is ruled by this part of the chart, so try to expose your work to a broader range of people.

Press pause to clear your head, and avoid projecting your frustration onto another person. Once Merc and the sun climb to your ambition angle, the increased attention on your own goals will keep you occupied. Mercury is there and bickering with Jupiter, triggering an outpouring of heartfelt feelings in a dialogue or a burst of confidence in an effort to change something. The solar eclipse in that part of your chart may indicate that a new outside resource like a loan or grant will be available soon.

You could also get involved in a new sexual relationship or grow closer to someone you know. Maybe your intent is to accomplish certain things in a very specific way, but part of you wants to drift and go on faith. Travel and learning are highly favored during this period. Your ruling planet and Mercury are in sync with Uranus in your adventure corner this week, coaxing you to share new experiences with other individuals, as they have the potential to open your eyes.

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Avoid financial risks for the time being. Do what pleases you because it pleases you, not to get a result that hinges on another person. After Mercury and the sun dive into your depth-and-sharing zone, an intimate connection could heat up or a passion project or emotional issue may grab your attention. Your ruler elbows Jupiter this week, pitting your analytical thinking against your intention to keep an open mind.

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You might end up saying more — or agreeing to more — than you meant to and could feel like the situation is getting ahead of you. Whether you need to switch up your workout routine or your whole modus operandi, the goal is self-improvement and a better quality of life.

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Someone may confuse you or let you down, but getting a handle on your own feelings will probably be a better use of your energy than confronting him or her. Once Mercury and the sun cross your relationship angle, your one-to-one connections will get a boost and seem a little easier to navigate. Your attention will shift from getting things done to spending quality time with people, so put your work aside and reach out! The sun and Mercury are linking up with Uranus in your one-on-one angle this week, keeping your interactions lively and interesting. Expressing your humor, creativity, personality and feelings will help you to connect with other individuals, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the response you get.

With a solar eclipse rocking your joy sector, a new source of pleasure could be right around the bend. Or you might launch a creative endeavor that challenges you to make the most of your talents. A pregnancy is another possibility, as this house rules procreation, and you also may get really into a new hobby in the coming months. Mars is pushing you to assert yourself, be more direct with people and advocate for your ideas. But his melee with Neptune could lead you to forget key details or hear crickets from colleagues in response to your impassioned pitch.

Slow down and consider your words carefully. As Mercury and the sun segue into your efficiency corner, your thinking becomes more detail-oriented, and your focus shifts from play to work.

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  • A conversation with a parent or housemate could boost your confidence and motivate you to spread your wings when Mercury nudges Jupiter in Scorpio this week. But if your mind is swirling with memories, thoughts of the past may compete with your intention to move forward. A decision about your living situation can spur you to get on with your life; however, you should try not to get too far ahead of yourself.

    The solar eclipse suggests a change in your home life or family is imminent, and it will push you out of your comfort zone and onto a path of growth. In the next five months or so, you might move, renovate, redecorate, get a new roomie or buy or sell a home. A new development involving your clan is apt to trigger personal change. Think about what makes you feel comfortable, safe, settled and secure. Then pick something you can do to increase those positive feelings.

    Do you need more alone time? Your own place? A cozier nest? In your way, you want to make a difference in this world.

    Love and Compatibility for February 12 Zodiac

    Through your many associations, you just may accomplish this venture. You are a curious kind of Aquarius. Your birthday horoscope profile shows that you look for new ideas and business opportunities as you may be self-employed. It takes away from your idea of basic freedom.

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    You, my dear, your birthday is February 12 , and you are different! You, born today on February 12 , normally do not like to shop. Typically, you would rather buy a shirt from the drug store if it meant not having to go to the mall. You like to dress up your feet, however.

    10 Things to Know About a Gemini! - ZODIAC TALK

    Yes, you do have pretty feet, but you should complete the whole package. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Aquarius, I love the hairstyles and your makeup is impeccable. You are beautiful without the paint though. Your shoe fashion style is certainly different but could be paired with a cool turquoise outfit and look great. Now that you are all dressed up, where should we go? Aquarius February 12 birthdays should be ready for everything. You are spontaneous and will jump on a train to the next city or get behind the wheel of your car.

    You prefer to travel with others and not alone. Do You Have Good Karma?

    Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

    Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Let someone else plan it. After all, you should not have to do all the thinking! Along with the fresh air, you will get some mental stimulation. It will do you good to get away. You may find a new toy in the latest gadgets. Aquarius zodiac birthday people like to trade their new findings with those that have the same interest.

    Usually, these are business associates.

    Associating Zodiac Signs With Elements

    In fact, they look to you when they have questions about technology or any number of things. Aquarians are very talented, and you know how to organize your thoughts and plans of action. You are inquisitive by nature, so you seek to find out these things. Something new always interests you. But as your birthday love compatibility shows, Aquarians are slow and calculating especially when it comes to love and romance.

    You tend to show off your dates and surprise them with gifts. Yes, a true romantic. You like the idea of intimacy, and Aquarians are active participants. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! To win the heart of those born on February 12 , one must be loyal and respect their space. It would seem. However, Aquarians have a difficult time, not meeting new friends, but building close relationships.