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A few minor dissatisfactions are in store for you today. Much as you dislike it, today might be best spent away from friends and colleagues. You crave approval, love and respect, and none will be forthcoming on this day. It would be worthwhile to consider ways you can bestow approval upon yourself, rather than relying on getting it from others Sometimes you get so caught up in the social energies at play that you find it hard to concentrate.

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Today, you could find yourself involved with lots of monotonous tasks. You won't much be in the mood, and this feeling of distraction will make it easy for you to make mistakes. So pay attention as best you can and double-check your work as you go along. Be sure to reward yourself when you are finished.

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There are new things coming into your life at this time. Make sure you embrace instead of resist them. Incorporate new information into the old plan. If you insist on sticking with outdated modes of operation and information, you will find yourself in the back of the pack when the leaders reach the finish line.

Be aware that it is important for you to stay alert and attentive. You could be in the mood to speak out today. There may be something that has been on your mind for some time. Don't let feelings of frustration continue to annoy you. It will do you good to share your concerns or frustrations with others. Talk to a family member about a situation that he or she might be able to fix. Or get some advice and sympathy from a good friend. You have such a peaceful, friendly personality, that you can be very surprised when someone doesn't take to you.

Today someone in your social circle might express some annoyance with you. You might just need to accept that you can't please everybody, and not everyone is always going to like you. I hope that it is of interest to you. These changes are bigger than they appear. Issues that have their roots in ancient stories are coming home to roost in experiences that only seem to have something to do with the present time frame. All of this is a replay of unresolved experiences that have dictated too much of your behavior up until now. Many of you are in the process of moving.

Something has blown the lid off whatever has blocked your ability to change.

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Feeling overwhelmed could be part of the deal. Realize that whatever it is that appears to be too much will take care of itself if you stop fretting over it and remember that everything comes together in its own good time. Surrounded by people and things that have question marks written all over them, it seems to be your job to employ the Wisdom of Solomon to find a way out.

This week will call you to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Good luck with that. If you continue to stay cool, the odds are that you will be successful. Think about that. And think about how long it takes for any of us to release what no longer serves us. Whenever anything reaches this point there are always external forces that challenge our weak spots and pose some sort of threat to what we hold dear.

As things proceed, what has kept you restricted to certain limits will meet with a need to change your pace or your tune. Some of you find it hard to believe that there is such a thing as a new horizon.

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Others are thanking God that the tide is turning. Who you are now is much different than who you were then, and yes, this is a whole new ballgame. Being able to keep yourself on track has involved eliminating a lot of mindless social interactions. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You will be home free before the seasons change.

Between now and then you're going to have to maintain a high level of performance. Whatever that requires, you can do it with your eyes closed. The main thing right now has to do with finding joy in a routine that has gotten stale in the midst of a personal or family crisis that would give anyone cause to flip out.

Keep holding your own. It'll get easier.

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Find a way to fall in love with this. Things are good enough to stay where you are. On the other hand something beckons you to go. So how do you make this call? In your world, the intuitive factor is always reliable. The voice that speaks to you from within is your higher guidance pointing the way.

Weighing the odds, whatever it took to make things work out here is a portable entity.

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For now, it would help if you continued to show up with a whole heart, knowing that life has its own way of making sure that we get what we need. There is no doubt that all kinds of Mickey Mouse nonsense will pop up to divert your attention away from it. Delegate the small stuff, and keep your eye on the prize.

By the time what is truly important is right in your face, you will shine brightly enough to be rewarded with the opportunity of a life time. After an overdose of restriction this feels pretty good. The heat is off, and there appears to be more help and a more positive attitude.