January 25 solar eclipse 2020 astrology

Keep your cool.

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Big fire coming on through. March 7 th : Big changes occur as Uranus re-enters earth-based Taurus on March 7 th and stays there for the next seven years. Earth changes and capricious financial markets are par for the course during the next seven years. Store water, grow your own food and see if you can diversify your income. Financial markets shift dramatically over this period and currency may change or alter. What to do about that IRA? Dave Ramsey, please weigh in.

November 11 th : Excitement! Drum roll please as little Mercury crosses the face of the Sun on November 11 th. The power of the pen and the Press are restored! The importance of the well-thought out turn of phrase is magnified. News about an authority. Decorum and dignity. Difficulty and disappointment with Government. Action and commitment are required. Sort through your possibilities and get real about your circumstances. No pie in the sky! Great day for challenging the outdoors and downloading new ideas.

Let your ideas and plans percolate.

Possibilities abound. Think positively.

26 December 12222 Annular Solar Eclipse

This is an important precursor to the next two years. A new leader emerges. Use this energy personally by being the accountant and manager of your own life.

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Trim down excesses at this practical New Moon. Be brave. Initiate some kind of change. Fallout from the eclipse lingers as the Moon connects with Pluto. Fear not!

Mars enters Scorpio

Lift up your hearts and rejoice. Let inspiration guide you as the Moon connects with Neptune on the 10th. A poem waits to be written. Time to face those shadows as the Sun meets Pluto. Bold but tender is the way to go. Family time is important. Is it fact or fantasy? Maybe, maybe not. Jupiter square Neptune. Keep making progress as the Moon moves through steady Taurus in harmony with the prevailing Capricorn energy.

It is all working to your benefit! You may feel a little divided and unsure of which alluring path to take, as the quick and waxing Moon dashes through sparkling Gemini and opposite Venus and Jupiter. Have fun and learn something! Fire and electricity sizzle as the celestial lovers Mars and Venus trine. Bring something new into your marriage.

Eclipses: Tables

Single folks get lucky. Powerful conversations are possible as Mercury connects with insightful Pluto.

Eclipses 2019 - 2020 - Powerful Turning Points

Do something practical. Family matters weigh in. Class with Dulce! The Sun leaves sensible Capricorn for egalitarian Aquarius and the Moon waxes to fullness at a lunar eclipse in Leo. Ideas for a more meaningful, creative and practical existence come through to you over the next few days. Be patient and stay focused as Mars squares Saturn. Expand your horizons. Venus and Jupiter connect. These days are excellent for fasting and letting go as the Moon travels through Virgo and opposes Chiron.

Mercury enters social, intellectual and stubborn Aquarius. Invest your mental energy in something that will reward you over time. The month ahead keeps you looking back as well as looking forward. Some of what you uncover can be difficult to face, but the review and reassessment will serve a higher purpose.

The total lunar eclipse of January 20-21

Each peeled back layer is a resource for soul growth. Trust the process. Venus, freshly into Sagittarius, assists you to see truth, to appreciate the value and quality, to gain higher understanding. Mercury retrograde reaches its midpoint peak on November It is not an eclipse, but the transit could hold added impact in terms of a meet up with a key person, event, circumstance or piece of news. Building a few days prior to the Mercury transit and full moon November 12 , watch mid month for an action peak, for something lucrative or fulfilling even life altering off the ground.

Mars tours Scorpio November 18 to January 3. Beyond an appropriate transit for a renovation project, it is a transformative influence regarding your family life, personal life, and how you are living with yourself. Priorities and needs are changing. Expect to be consumed by this stage of the deep dive or redesign process through the end of the year. Whether to do with the holidays or something more, November 24 to 26 can set big wheels in motion or trigger more than you anticipate.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Go while the getting is good! You have significant work to do. Launching the year, the solar eclipse of January 5 is cementing in this regard. When it comes to getting your health, your home life, your emotional or material world under better control, there is no time to waste and significant benefit to be had. Roll up your sleeves, put your heart into it and watch the good it does you.

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Mars, freshly at in Aries, the end of Uranus retrograde on January 6 and Venus into Sagittarius as of January 7 supply you with ample fuel. Encompassing a total lunar eclipse super moon in Leo, the action peak of the month happens January 13 to The two will tee up on February 13 to begin a next phase trajectory.