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I was heartbroken and feeling like a failure on every level. Not because she wanted to play and not because she wanted more cat nip in it. She just wanted me to have it because she thought it would comfort me like it comforted her. That was Perry. That was always Perry. Good girl. Perry passed away on Thanksgiving night. Perhaps she spared me the pain of having to make the terrible decision to put her to sleep?

Perhaps she saved me from having to hold her while the vet gave her that final shot? But with the loss of Perry, my family got a little bit smaller yet again. It sucks something awful, but looking at the positive side, Perry truly had the best life a cat could ever have and she made my life better for the 12 years that we had together, especially during the hard times when I needed her most. She felt no pain and she passed away in her sleep naturally. And I mean that so very sincerely.

Thank you for always being willing to go with me on each journey, for truly supporting our work so that my crew and I can take risks and make more of the things we care so deeply about, and for being open minded enough to let me play in whatever worlds I dream up as opposed to keeping me in just one box doing the same things over and over. I especially, especially want to say thank you to those of you who saw the movie early on — whether it was the unfinished version that we screened at Buttnumbathon in Austin two Christmases ago or the world premiere at Frightfest in London a full 6 months before the first ever official public screening of the film in its proper release.

My fans are the best in existence. But more on that later…. I am a more fearless and open minded filmmaker because of Alex. We would of course love to continue our journey into this fascinating underground world like we had always hoped to. You can buy your very own autographed copy here. However, a new hurdle that unexpectedly arrived in my life this past year was the occasional panic attack.

Mainly on airplanes. Kind of the worst possible thing to have come into your life when you have to travel constantly for your career. My first major panic attack happened on a flight back east early last Spring. However, right before take off that day I randomly started feeling claustrophobic and within 5 minutes I was covered in sweat, shaking, and struggling to swallow and breathe. It started with a random memory of something that quickly escalated into a flood of anxiety ridden and painful memories.

The woman sitting next to me that morning saw that something was wrong and that I was struggling to breathe. She called for a flight attendant to help me get off the plane while there was still time before the cabin door was closed. I mean… really?? So the passengers on the plane were all put into lockdown and no one was allowed to move until medical assistance could finish removing this unfortunate woman from the plane which took about 20 minutes total.

It was horrible just sitting there trying to breathe one breath at a time, but I dry swallowed some medicine that my doctor had given me years ago for flying and by the time the flight was actually ready to leave I was out cold. One time it was even on a flight to Vegas- which is a super easy and fast 45 minute flight from LA. It made no sense. I guess I had thought that I had suffered a panic attack before and that it was just feeling overwhelmed and stressed… but no.

This is something far, far different. Why am I admitting all of this? Just getting there can literally be torture and my own personal hell. All that being said, in I still managed to make it to a bunch of appearances and every single one of them was extremely memorable…. Mile High Horror Festival marked my first ever appearance in Colorado, which after a decade of conventions, screenings, and appearances all over the world was long overdue.

To back up just a little bit, the great Wes Craven had passed away only a few weeks before the festival and it was a crushing blow to all of us within the horror community, fans and filmmakers alike. From always being so kind to me, to always reminding me that what I was contributing to the genre was important , to being among the very first of my friends to contact me on his own and donate personal items for my Boston Strong fundraiser where I helped raise 15K for the victims of the marathon bombing tragedy… Wes Craven was a wonderful, wonderful man.

A candid and blurry moment with Wes during a Masters Dinner. When the news first broke that Wes had left us, sorrowful phone calls and incredibly sad text messages started flying back and forth between most all of us who work within the genre. Still … you look at your own contributions to the genre and by comparison to someone like Wes… sometimes it all just feels like garbage even with all business and budget disclaimers put aside.

So to be blunt, while I was in the midst of feeling like I had failed Wes my own misguided sentiments, certainly not his the very last thing I personally felt like doing was going to a festival where I would be celebrating the first two HATCHET films. The applause, the cheers, the smiles, the laughter, the love, the excitement, and especially hearing fans say their favorite lines along with the films… it reminds you that something you made truly means something incredibly special to the people that you made it for in the first place.

Though I was originally asked to contribute a segment for the anthology, unfortunately I was unavailable during the time the film was in production. Since the anthology is all set on one night in the same town, two other shorts requiring police officers in their segments were also kind enough to cast me, too. I know I certainly will. Derek and I acted out the scenarios that the fans provided us with and illustrated what NOT to do as an appearing celebrity at a convention.

So set aside an hour perhaps in late Spring when you finish reading this blog and click the image below to watch what you missed. So why put all of that extra work into it? I take my convention panels very seriously and I try hard to make every moment of your time count. Fans in Worcester, MA showered me with some amazing, creative, and personal gifts. But the best was still yet to come at Rock And Shock as just a few hours later I took the stage with the legendary George A. The smile on my face was so big that it fell into the laps of the first 3 rows of the audience.

Yes, I fanboyed out with absolutely no shame. Paying my respects to the Master himself, George A. I wish I could remember that hour we shared on stage but I was freaking out inside so hard that it was all a big blur for me. So the panel wraps up, the audience is on their feet giving George his due standing ovation, and the two of us start to make our way out of the panel hall.

He leaned in and quietly said some of the nicest things you could ever dream of a guy like George Romero ever saying to you, about you, or in regards to your filmography. I had posted the below photo on Facebook shortly after the convention but like I said then, to publicly repeat what he said to me would cheapen it. The below photo captured the moment perfectly… right down to the tear running down my cheek. Taken by a fan in the crowd Joao Pimentel , you can only imagine my surprise when Joao shared this image with me the next day.

Are you starting to see what I mean when I say how lucky I am to have the fan base that I have? Of course this photo is now framed in the ArieScope office. Now whenever I feel like giving up I look at this photograph and remind myself that…. George Romero believes in you. You can still fight one more day. A moment that I will never, ever forget. Though I greatly appreciated being invited to appear there, the convention took place just a few weeks after my tour for MARROW had ended and the very last thing I wanted to do was put myself through yet another flight back East for an appearance.

There are a million worthy charities out there and every single one of them is just as important as the next. I personally contribute to more than many of them. But there are so many different ways that you can help a cause you believe in. So I urge you… do it. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and put some time into helping out with an issue greater than your own personal problems. We had 52 more weeks of enthralling guests, hilarious laughs, sketches, and too many inspiring real-life stories to possibly keep track of. Artist Cody Schibi created this incredible poster for our live event in Austin.

This was a dark and difficult subject for us personally, especially after losing our dear friend and HOLLISTON co-star Dave Brockie in and getting the terrible news in the eventual autopsy report that drugs were indeed found in his system at the time of his death. You bet. Though I have since been trying to learn all that I can about drug abuse in my own efforts to educate myself and better understand just why my friend is gone, it was time to stop hiding from it publicly.

So in an effort to come to terms with the truth, to stop avoiding it, and to better serve our audience… Joe and I made the decision to finally tackle the subject of drug abuse on the podcast. For a period of almost 2 months I had put out feelers to various counselors and experts in the field of addiction and recovery trying to find the right guest to have on the show. Neither Joe or myself are even remotely qualified to dish out facts, advice, or share personal experiences with this horrible affliction.

Thanks to our friend and film editor Ed Marx a survivor himself with well over 20 years of sobriety under his belt I was put in touch with counselor Terry Kirkman. Support Artists In Recovery and M. Musicians Assistance Program. Joined by his wife and fellow counselor Heidi Kirkman, the episode made a huge impact on so very many of our listeners when it was released. Though we knew going into it that there was no way to possibly answer every question or cover every aspect of such a widespread and common affliction not just in entertainment but in LIFE we let our guards down, spoke from the heart, and tried our best.

At the time of this writing, over ten MOVIE CRYPT listeners have contacted us to let us know how the episode encouraged them to attend their first meeting or in one case so far to enter a rehabilitation program. Just a few weeks ago we released our Santa Claus episode and within just 3 days it became far and away the new fan favorite of all episodes we have done to date. If ArieScope was your average corporate business, the tradition of making an annual Halloween short film could best be compared to an annual company retreat of sorts.

Hawaii would be boring, right? Who wants to sit on a beach and relax in paradise when you could be celebrating your anniversary every year by working for free again? I love the people I get to work with. And I never take that for granted. I mean, do people really need to see us sit around a table and talk for hours? I suppose that just kind of happened on its own, but the discussions about fears have gone to a whole new level of openness. They showed us their first 5 episodes and it was love at first sight.

So we convinced them to squeeze out a few more episodes and they just knocked them out of the park. Just like the other two original series offered on ArieScope. And neither did we when we shot the episodes! While most of the stories leaned on humor or embarrassing confessionals, it was the occasional disturbing and truly horrifying story that really made the series shine.

I wish I could say that we had always planned for that but the beauty in HORRIFIED is that every artist featured in that first season had no example episode to watch and in turn base their own story telling on. Everyone who came in was just themselves. The show was a hit for us and a second season is already in the cards for next Fall! Our own production schedules pending, of course. On March 6, ArieScope. A more reasonable group of people may have challenged themselves to maybe doing two short films a year instead of just one for Halloween, but thankfully no one in this group is reasonable or afraid of a difficult challenge.

What did we gain from all of that hard work? A group of us have put some serious blood, sweat and tears into pulling it all off. The big question of course is WHEN? Watch the cast announcement by clicking the image below. Sometimes for days. Sometimes for weeks. A lot is riding on the words I commit to, even if that pressure is mostly created in my own head. Yes, the scripts for season 3 are coming into existence! Again… Tetris. Season 3 is coming together and as soon as I have production or release dates- believe me I will share them!

Which brings me to the most important highlight of …. I cherish every moment that I get to be in the same place at the same time with these 3 incredible people. Looking back… it was an absolutely incredible year and an enormous rebound after the events of knocked me off my feet. Though the workload was huge and it was probably crazy to put so much effort into so many projects that I continue to give away for free, in hindsight I think that I needed to put my head down and work like crazy to fight through to the other side of the clouds.

Things like the podcast and the various weekly original series may all be their own separate full-time unpaid jobs, but I love doing them because I love your enthusiasm for them. Point is, the moment you announce a project the clock starts ticking. But when we can keep things quiet… man, is that just better for everyone. Announcing Season 3 of HOLLISTON so early in the process was obviously a huge exception to that manner of thinking, but in that specific case it was more about confirming that a decision was made that the show would indeed go on.

Today @ planetwatcher

After all we were hit with, fans of the show were left waiting and fearing the worst so it was important to finally say something. Most importantly… your enthusiasm, your excitement, and your incredible support has truly been the wind beneath my wings in getting back up and learning to fly again. For some, recovery might mean a year filled with therapy or a year sitting on the couch and hiding behind a bottle of liquor. For me however, it was a year filled with hard work on whatever things were going to bring me happiness again. Will I ever attempt a year full of this kind of output again?

But it sure got me through and man do I feel better now. I just needed to buckle down and do the things I needed to do to be happy. As you know, I read every single message, letter, post, etc that you send me. I know that some of you are coming off of a year that was similar to or even worse than my Go through it, feel bad, hurt, and nurse your wounds… but then find a way to stand back up and live again even louder and more ferociously than before. Make stuff. Try new things. Challenge yourself. I wish you all the very best in the new year and I sincerely love you all. So, come on.

Break your heart and steal your crown. Coming down is the hardest thing. But what goes up must come down. There are spoilers below. We may not be 18 or be able to legally vote or buy porn yet… and we may still be a few years away from being able to legally purchase alcohol… but ArieScope has already lasted longer than most studios and production companies could even dream of- no matter what their size or stature within the industry may be. But to back up just a little further, Halloween is my Christmas.

I love Halloween! For most people, Halloween means Trick or Treating, costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, and candy.

Felissa Rose’s Biography

However you personally choose to celebrate the holiday or however seriously you take it is all your own prerogative. Thus my tradition of an intimate family dinner where guests bring photos and tell fond stories of those they are remembering, complete with place settings at the table for our dearly departed.

Nothing morbid, nothing mystical, nothing scary- just a whole lot of love and respect. Over the years, departed dinner guests have included grandparents, family members, friends, colleagues, and A LOT of deceased pets. So it only makes sense that ArieScope Pictures celebrates our birthday and has the yearly tradition of our annual Halloween short film every October.

It fits perfectly. Nope, taken. Who cares- done! Are we proud of all of those early shorts? Not really. Thanks to our dear friends John and Nicole Anguish who have designed and run this website since the very day it first launched in October of , ArieScope. That mock HATCHET trailer that we made in and created a massive on-line buzz that indirectly helped get the film financed and made? That started here. Although those shorts in particular also had the added benefit of our popular YouTube channel to really blow up on-line in ways we never could have imagined.

Our 17th year has been our busiest and biggest yet as ArieScope. Is it easy doing all of this free work? Of course not. Because our fans support us when it counts. They wait in long lines to meet me when I do convention appearances. And not every filmmaker is fortunate enough to have that.

Q&A with Felissa Rose - Dallas Comic Show

It has become a struggle to merely stay alive and exist given just how many in the general public unfortunately now feel that all art is worthless and that they are entitled to steal whatever they want and have it for free. Our fans get that the only way our studio keeps the lights on and keeps creating is by them directly supporting us and therefore we see a lot of the same names go by every time we ship out new merchandise orders from our on-line store.

Our relationship with our fans is just… different. We just have YOU. And with a little or a lot of luck, hopefully we survive at least one more year and get to see Me and my monsters…. Originally I cast Derek, Colton, and Kelly because of their strong improvisational skills as I assumed that a lot of the short would be improvised. All three performers fell right into their rhythms and brought their own unique voices and brand of humor to what I had written for them so shooting was a breeze from that stand point.

Robert Pendergraft make-up FX designed some really cool and unique make-ups for the three monsters and I loved how he created their looks based upon the character traits and personalities evident in their dialogue. Scott Dawson broke his ArieScope cherry helping out with the make-up effects this year. As usual, I directed and Will Barratt was behind the camera where he had to battle the limitations of having to shoot in such a tiny room with no space to shoot or place lights like we would have ideally liked to. Jen Ramirez was handed the thankless job of working the boom mic on the short.

Holding down the bigger picture at large with everything from creative input to making sure everyone was happy, well fed, taken care of, and doing what they were supposed to be doing was producer Sarah Elbert. Exhausted at the end of the long shoot. While the actual filming of each Halloween short always takes place over just one night, the task of editing and finishing each piece is one that takes a lot more time. While the actual shoot for each Halloween short may only be one long night, post-production is a long and exhausting process. This past week has seen Sean and I living at the office and going around the clock getting the short finished and ready to launch.

I went home just to shower real quick yesterday and my cats no longer knew who I was. Hopefully our efforts made you smile and added some joy to your Halloween. I know that I speak on behalf of everyone involved when I say that we do it all for you. Thank you for making these past 17 years possible and for making ArieScope Pictures such an unbelievably special thing to be a part of.

Have the happiest Halloween ever and be sure to keep your covers pulled tight and your nightlight burning bright. Time for bed. Sell out. Get a job. A nice 9 to 5 one. Though the press release says all of the details that we will be able to publicly reveal for awhile, I of course wanted to add a little more insight to all of this. If you read this blog regularly and if you are a fan of HOLLISTON then you already know just what a long, trying, and personal journey this show has been for me and why it is the passion project that will always be the most near and dear to my heart.

Note: the sketches were not hilarious. The concept of doing a morning show was so crazy that it just might work- and to our surprise… it did. As hard as it was to get up so early and be on the air before 6am, Steve and I successfully cornered the extremely cutthroat market of Holliston High School morning radio programs by simply being the only one. Cut ahead to I instantly laid into him with my ridiculously ambitious dream of forming an independent production company, breaking out of Massachusetts, and making our own movies in Hollywood. No exaggeration, I had been a full-time employee of Time Warner Cable for less than one hou r before I began plotting my escape.

ALL of which were important lessons that I apply to what I do today. He was a class act all the way and he knew how to accomplish all of his corporate duties with flying colors yet still encourage everyone who worked under him to believe in a dream and continually reach higher. What boss does that?? Only Peter. And then there we were… obnoxiously pushing his generosity and our good fortune of having access to free camera equipment way too far at times.

Will and I were shooting our own stuff all night long and then dragging our exhausted asses into work to shoot cable ads. I should have been fired about a million times for my lack of common sense, but I was on a mission from God and I was still young and inexperienced enough to not comprehend just what kind of murder I was getting away with.

Thank you, Peter. The original ArieScope logo was lifted and altered from that same Dodge used car dealership commercial that Will and I first shot together in The success story I depict of ArieScope Pictures is a highly romanticized tale though. Trust me that over the past 17 years Will … and probably his very understanding wife… and probably their kids… and probably their family dog… and most definitely both of our bank accounts… have fluctuated between celebrating the day we met… to wishing they could Marty McFly back in time and prevent us from ever meeting in the first place.

The backbone in all of this has been our insane and clinically unhealthy determination to not give up. There have been so many others that have helped and sacrificed to make each success possible. People that we likely never would have accomplished a thing without.

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Many have come aboard with us and become permanent family. Not a moment of which has ever been taken for granted as we know more than anyone just how fortunate we are to get to do what we do and to be where we are at…wherever that may actually be. Are there easier ways to make a living?

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  6. Hell yes. Eric was the one who pushed me to write about the long standing heartbreak I was going through in getting over the break-up with my first love and the struggle to chase my dream. We had done something right. Sure, we were on the outskirts of the map but we were ON the map… even if we were located on the reverse side of the map that no one reads, listed below two print advertisements for local pawn shops or whatever. Thus began 3 years of struggling to survive and literally starving at times while doing odd jobs to stay alive in Los Angeles.

    We kept making short films whenever we could. Straight to the top, Ma! Only now, I was actually going to get to play myself in my show like I always hoped to- something that UPN was never going to allow me to do in a million years. Are you kidding? I was lucky to even have been developing a real network show back then! Fuck me. It was perfect. A never before shown excerpt from the early development materials. I mean, we were on set! We were filming! This is the point where sane individuals throw in the towel. You get through the emotional devastation the best way you can, sift through the rubble of your life, put yourself back together, get back on your feet, and learn to just be grateful that any of the good times ever even happened in the first place.

    After all, nothing lasts forever, right? You struggle to put the past behind you and focus on the positive memories while you look ahead to whatever will be next in life. Sane individuals heal and move on. Candid, heart to heart discussions about surviving the Hollywood trenches. There is another blog about all of that. While I wish I could say that Joe and I always knew the podcast would take off or that it was ever even our intention to have a successful podcast in the first place… neither are true.

    Watch it here! I might have been a living garbage dump on the inside, but outside I still never stopped working. Life carried on and every week, Joe and I and my dog Arwen, of course sat down to record a new episode of the podcast. People love to take meetings in this town and dangle carrots or make promises. The big thing for all of us was that IF we were to continue HOLLISTON it had to make sense, the creative control had to remain with ArieScope, and there had to be an improvement from the major accessibility hurdles we faced with the release of our first two seasons.

    There were a few opportunities proposed and considered, but nothing that was going to pan out. Sometimes on the air but mostly off the air before or after each recording. How is it this hard?? Meetings happened, things were discussed, plans were hatched… and well, read the press release as it explains how we got here. And here we are. The same exact show you already know and love, only now everyone can watch it. Corri, Joe, Laura, Adam, and Lance will return. Now we had two choices with all of this. This business can be tumultuous and financing scenarios disappear overnight, mergers happen, executives leave companies, or full networks dissolve before your eyes… I mean, did you read the above novel about the 15 year struggle this show has already endured?

    But after careful consideration the verdict was… fuck it. Together again at our first reading of new Season 3 material. We have a ways to go before we can start production. Nothing can change that. Yes, we will be occasionally rehearsing and workshopping the new material before then… but only when all of us can be together in between our various other projects. Could schedules free up sooner? But for now… this is the deal. Secondly, this show takes a long time for me to write and a long time for the cast and I to prepare. There is no writing staff with a dozen or so writers like what a major network show has.

    When I am confident and happy with the material sometimes 3 or 4 drafts later on each episode , the main cast gathers at ArieScope and together we spend a night reading all of the episodes out loud together. Then, over the next few days I bring in each actor for a one on one meeting where we discuss their roles, their reactions to the material, and their own ideas.

    Summer Corri holding what would become Season 2. Season 3 had already been mapped out back in and I had already written several of the episodes… but then we lost Dave. Though my heartbreak will be a permanent part of me, I hope to keep that pain in the right place so that it no longer cripples me like it has been. At first I laughed. I had no idea it was even in storage.

    Dave had as always sweat off all of the make-up onto the back of the bear when we were filming that scene. It wrecked me. Once again.


    Looking at the Moon

    July He loved me. He loved Joe. He loved Laura. He loved Corri. He loved and respected the hell out of Dee. He loved his fans. So yeah, the show must go on. And now it will. Two years ago last week. San Diego Comic Con. Who will the guest stars be this season? Will the cast start doing convention appearances and live performances again? But hopefully the wait is now much easier knowing that the band is back together, things are moving forward again, and Season 3 is coming.

    We made it through this storm but we still have a lot of hard work in front of us. To every fan that stood by us, that mourned with us, that shared our collective heartbreak, and that never stopped believing in us or having faith in this show that we love so much… thank you. We hope to deliver the best season yet. Feeling a little more old school? Then send them an old fashioned email at admin geeknation. What better time than now? All of the official merchandise is available right here and every single bit of your support helps us more than you can possibly imagine.

    Your spirit is not only felt by us… it fuels us. Live in MA? Gretchen had come to the event to take photos of the cast for the Boston Globe. My long and crazy journey had both figuratively and literally lead me back home and I was so unbelievably happy and proud to be there again. The people in town made us feel so welcomed and appreciated. For Laura, Corri, Joe, and Sarah — they may as well have also grown up in Holliston with me for all anyone cared.

    They were treated exactly like old neighbors, long lost friends, or extended family. The events of these last two years have been about as dire as it gets for any show and for any artist. We got hit with some bad, bad times and it constantly felt like it was all over. Yet here we are today… picking up where we left off and continuing on with the same dream once more. Leave the light on for us. Not that you ever gave up or shut the light off in the first place. I had a nightmare- believe me when I tell you, nobody ever dies in their dreams. April 25, Though the film was originally intended to film earlier that year in the winter time when we would have full nights to shoot our little night-for-night production, as things tend to go in the indie world, our production pushed back and pushed back until we wound up filming in the spring and shooting at the absolute worst time of year for this particular kind of production.

    We got pummeled with rain just 3 nights into the shoot and lost half a night of shooting when our set all but washed away. To add one more major obstacle during production… one night we arrived to find that a major network television show had unexpectedly taken over and placed a full-size helicopter right in the middle of our set. Even our carefully laid out electrical cables had been unceremoniously pulled up and moved aside in a pile and the entire night was chalked up as a loss for us.

    How can that happen, you ask? Well, in the indie world when you have very little money, sometimes your location can screw you over in the middle of your shoot when a bigger production suddenly shows up with a much bigger pay check to wave in front of them. From the random set-backs… to the fact that we were shooting such an ambitious film on a meager budget that included rain towers, extremely complicated make-up effects, stunts, fire, animals, children, underwater photography, and various other things that slow a production down to a crawl… to the fact that we would show up on set each evening to find that a porno flick that sadly probably had a bigger budget than we did was shooting on our sets without our consent… and hopefully you can start to see why the making of HATCHET was anything but typical or easy.

    Perhaps it was due to the fact that our core crew was so fresh, young, and naive that we were just happy to be living the dream of making a movie and nothing could break our sprits. Director of Photography Will Barratt. Hey, anyone remember FILM? Ambitious, sure. But nothing could prepare us for our very first unexpected challenge. A challenge that set the stage for the difficulties that were to come. Let me explain….

    The Crowley house and accompanying shed was built on our main set deep in the woods at Sable Ranch many days in advance of the shoot. It probably goes without being said, but building a house of any kind is a LOT of work. We did things right and always put safety first. However, on the day of the actual shoot a different fire marshall came out to supervise the evening and noticed that one branch ONE branch of a nearby oak tree was hanging ever so slightly over the Crowley house that our crew had built.

    Though the chances of the branch catching fire were extremely slim, there was still a chance. It was a feat to accomplish to say the least and in the end Bryan and his crew actually wound up building a new Crowley house facade in a matter of hours. This shot reveals just how NOT in a Louisiana swamp the set actually was.

    But in the film…. In fact, if you watch the first film closely enough, you can actually see the pots that the swamp plants are still in. Save for the roof over our heads which is obviously never seen in the film HATCHET 2 was actually shot in a far more realistic swamp setting than the original film.

    Inside the make-up FX trailer on Day 1. All of it. The intense highs and the devastatingly heartbreaking lows… the laughs, the tears, the cheers, the screams, the achievements and the disappointments were all one big gift. I might be the face of HATCHET as the creator and main driving creative force behind it, but it was the cast and crew of each film who really made it all possible.

    Many of whom also returned again and again for the sequels which is quite rare for a slasher series. The fans who carried us the whole way through and who continue to make HATCHET something bigger and more important than every single one of us who stood together on set that fateful first day of production 10 years ago.

    The greatest fans in the world. To my cast and crew who spent such a huge portion of their lives working on HATCHET, congratulations on our 10th year anniversary of our first day of filming. I mean, fuck… who would have ever thought?? But then again, he would probably have been too busy tearing us limb from limb to ever stop and think about what he would go on to mean to legions of horror fans around the world. Watch the various behind the scenes documentaries. Listen to the various commentary tracks. From an 8 year old kid at summer camp with nothing but a Twisted Sister tape and a dream, to a handful of friends standing in a parking lot in Santa Clarita believing they could actually make a horror movie, to audiences of fans worldwide who embraced HATCHET with open slasher loving arms… Victor Crowley lives on today and forever more.

    Living the surreal dream on that first night of shooting and every day since. Still roaming the swamp. Still crying for his daddy…. In real life… shit happens. And real life is completely out of your hands. A movie that, while I might be insanely proud of it, also happens to be a movie that tore my heart out at every screening and during every interview, night after night after night. The show allows fans to be a fly on the wall during an intimate social setting that pulls back the public curtain on some of their favorite artists.

    More interesting than the games played, the copious amounts of junk food devoured, the funny personal stories told, the severe ball busting usually at my expense , and the often times ridiculous pajamas put on display is that at a certain point in each episode my guest opens up and reveals what it is that they are actually scared of in their real life. No bravado, no ego, no tough horror icon persona bullshit. The honest answers in each episode will very likely surprise you as much as they have surprised me. Kane Hodder revealed his greatest personal fear in a very rare and serious moment.

    So whenever I can, I like to do things that let the fans inside and share a little piece of what I am so lucky to have. That way he decides what conversations stay in as he shapes the individual structure of each episode. For now the show is free to watch and made with our own money as a treat for the fans that so loyally support us and our films, so enjoy it and please continue to spread the word.

    Danielle Harris was unimpressed with my record collection. With this film we hit the road hard with press and appearances. In fact I did more interviews and press days for this movie than I have for any other project before. It was sorta like cancelled planes, cancelled trains, and last minute automobiles. Though it may have been a grueling, sleepless journey from San Francisco to Boston to New York to Austin to Los Angeles- every audience was bigger and better than the last and every single night was a huge success.

    We signed and took pictures with fans for hours after each event and every city made us feel way beyond welcomed and loved. FYI, Chicago may have actually been the loudest audience of them all. Then I went straight to New Jersey for a 3-day appearance at MonsterMania my first actual convention appearance in almost 2 years where the fans were absolutely incredible. Best of all, while I was at MonsterMania I was able to take part in an annual charity auction that the convention does to benefit a local Yorkie rescue shelter.

    This past Tuesday I did my final appearance in support of the film when the cast and crew did an in-store signing at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA. It was a perfect night and such an awesome way to cross the proverbial finish line for this film. The wonderful reception and response to the film has completely blown away all of us who were involved in making it. But for me personally , that success came with a painful price tag. By Adam Green. This incredibly creative fan base often mails in everything from artwork to sculptures to deeply personal handwritten letters about what they are going through and how something I did is helping them get through it in some small way.

    While some filmmakers may have found this kind of fan mail disturbing, I could see that it was merely creative fan fiction and done out of love for the character. Even if it only wound up being a short film, it could still be funny, right? But the concept of using ourselves as subject matter and building a docu-style story around real life cult filmmakers who receive a package from someone with an outrageous claim was intriguing to all of us. The concept seemed like a fresh and fun way to mix reality with fantasy and make a monster movie as realistically as possible by using our real lives and the documentary approach as our way in.

    The actual pamphlet that Alex Pardee handed me back in Whenever Alex does an art exhibit it is way more than mere paintings on a gallery wall. He goes far deeper than that and provides a story and a context for what you are looking at. In the context of the art exhibit, Dekker had gone missing and Alex had found his journals and taken it upon himself to paint the crazy creatures that Dekker described in his writings.

    By using ourselves as subject matter we would ground the story in a very real world and then slowly introduce monsters as realistically as possible. Everyone who would appear in the film would do so as themselves. Or would they? The next step was to meet with Alex and see if he was into this crazy manipulated half real-half fake documentary idea.

    After all, how could he not be? The seeds for it were already all there in his art exhibit. While I may have had a story, the characters, and an idea for a unique style of movie, Alex was the one who had the right world and the right monsters. Thankfully it was love at first meeting and we were off and running almost immediately. I think I had a very first draft presented to the team within 3 months of that first meeting. In fact, we knew that the less people knew about it the better that it would play.

    In fact, almost everything seen on screen in the finished film was meticulously scripted. The first step was to get started on building the monsters. Very few of these creatures would be able to be made through typical prosthetics on actors. Who would we cast as the eccentric and mysterious enigma of a man who sends me his fantastical story? For weeks we debated the pros and cons of casting an unknown actor versus hiring a recognizable character actor that most everyone would know upon first sight.

    It was one of the most difficult choices in making the film but one that we made by carefully thinking many, many steps ahead to the eventual screenings and the release. The problem with a concept like this is that we knew that with the documentary approach and everyone appearing as themselves that the majority of audiences would have their beliefs suspended almost too much.

    We felt as if viewers may start to think that what they were watching was in fact real. After all, at the end of the day we were making a monster movie and a scripted narrative feature. It just so happens to be told in a highly unconventional way. Enter Ray Wise. He is an icon. I was thrilled to hear his voice on the other end of the line but even more than that, I was incredibly impressed.

    Ray Wise works more consistently than most actors in Hollywood. Jobs find him. Yet there he was cold calling me? It was fate. Thankfully his excitement only deepened upon reading my script that same night. The shoot was one of the greatest times of my life. As a director I had absolute creative control, as a producer I had the dream team of artists around me giving their crucial two cents, as an actor I was working opposite the great Ray Wise, and as a fan… I was hunting for monsters. It was my greatest fantasy come to life, searching for monsters out in the woods late at night and actually coming face to face with a few.

    Especially since our creatures were all practical and looked just as amazing up close as they did on camera. Editor Josh Ethier hard at work. This was where I first started to get cold feet on the entire concept of the film. Thankfully I have surrounded myself with honest people who have no fear in speaking up. However, as with any film, you need to throw it out to the wolves and test it before you can even consider locking picture.

    One by one, various filmmakers were invited to ArieScope, told absolutely nothing about what they were about to watch remember, everyone thought we had been making an art documentary in our spare time , and we would press play. Listen to what they say and even more importantly, try out their suggestions afterwards whether you instantly agree with them or not.

    Just show your mother. NOTE: I was more terrified than they were. You should have cast an unknown. Nah, Ray is perfect. Great choice! We needed to show a real audience and I wanted to show the most opinionated audience that I could find. I wanted to take the film to The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, the home of Fantastic Fest and some of the most outspoken fans and brutally honest critics on the planet.

    There simply is no audience like a Drafthouse audience. The next day Harry called. Alex Pardee and I flew to Austin and settled into our seats for the long 24 hour cinematic haul. Yeah, we were sweating pretty bad by the time 6am rolled around and our weird little movie started. I feared the worst as Harry invited Alex and I up to introduce it.

    That there were still no visual effects. That the sound and score were temp. That there was still no color correction and what they would be seeing were merely the dailies. With that I asked for only one favor. Not a single person in that audience spoiled the film on-line or betrayed our trust. They were using their imaginations and believing in monsters again.

    It was everything we could have hoped for and more. We were picture locked. Alex and I celebrate being picture locked. December Then, about 3 months into the finishing process and right as the film was approaching absolute completion… my entire life fell apart and the very reality I used for my film became a disaster. March 23, Dave Brockie passed away suddenly on March 23, But I knew Dave as one of my best friends. I loved him dearly.

    I wanted his scene cut out of the movie immediately. But the team around me carefully and compassionately talked me down off of the ledge. However you should make special note of your ascendant Asc , also called rising sign. Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances. The World Horoscope. The Libra symbol, or glyph, is designed to depict the Scales. Libra Weekly Horoscope - We provide free Libra love, career, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. Priyanka Gandhi is now running the mahadasha of Venus till Scorpio Horoscope In Pluto made the news when it died as a planet and was reborn as a "dwarf planet.

    The coming year of the water Dragon is just about the corner. There are four major ingredients in the horoscope: The planets show the active powers - what is happening. Taurus Daily Horoscope The day can be a pleasant one for you, but there is a chance that you will end up obsessing over a minor point. What's the forecast today in the world of the Libra? If these partners find a fine balance, they will hold this incredible power of creation in their hands. Whether the complete transition is on This is a long phase in which the four cardinal sun signs will face their inner world.

    They are slower moving and depending on the planet, will have a 7 - 16 period affect. The above form is for producing a Today's Transits report when the birth time is unknown. Calculate Your Free Horoscope by date, time and place of birth. This will continue to bring surprises and changes in your life so it's important to learn how to go with the flow. You may have also noticed that setting up and reaching goals has been almost comically effortless during this period. Welcome to the Chinese Horoscope ! Pluto enters Aquarius in , and profound changes are likely to take place in new technologies and in the scientific world in general.

    My natal Pluto 25 Leo is in aspect to almost everything in my chart. Do-overs get a green light, so it's a great time to revive old projects, reorganize your house and rekindle relationships. Some say that the Buddha or Jade Emperor called on all animals to help mankind and only 12 responded. You are a hopeless romantic and usually fall in love with the 'idea' of love before.

    Moon in Libra from early Monday morning until Wednesday morning favors Libra and any planets you have in Libra and should also bring more things together for Libra on a short-term basis. House, Family and Society. Being tolerant, people born in the Year of the Tiger will continue good fortune in Campion also reviewed published material on.

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    Libra - Sept. Guide for in-depth astrology reference on the seventh sign Libra for love, astrology, horoscopes, feminine, libra man, libra women. Create your chart Free Interactive Birth Chart Hover your mouse over the chart and click on any planet, house, or sign, to get a full aspect list. This will set you both free to enjoy what is good about your relationship.

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    Many online astrologers offer advice on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis and some offers all. Calculate your personal birth horoscope online for FREE. Pluto — modern ruler of Scorpio — stays in Scorpio's 3rd house until Free Horoscopes and Free Astrology Readings. It displays the active transits of both fast-moving and slow-moving planets.

    It could be overwhelming! It could be overwhelming!. Beginning of the year would be auspicious for work and profession perspective. Here are the general guidelines for the next nine years. The program is designed to predict your fortune for the day. Tiger year , , , , , , is the 3nd Chinese zodiac year.

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    I have calculated the predictions for the Transition of Saturn early as the transition has started taking place from January 27, Pluto's passage through Capricorn until is shaking your very foundations - most likely prompting dramatic career changes, upheaval and even resettlement. A spirit of generosity will enable many to overlook past faults and forgive. It is created with your individual birth data and contains also the Love Horoscope.

    This year would bestow peace and development upon Children.

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    Resource on the sun sign Gemini in the zodiac. From March 7th, , until April 26th, , you will be affected by the biggest change to the world economy in your adult life. Here is the daily horoscope for Scorpio zodiac sign. Chinese horoscope , , and , , and years. A horoscope includes much more than a birth chart and house positions. Gaze into the future with Astrology. However, it is great to go on a luxury holiday.

    Looking for the previous weekly horoscope? Sunday: the Moon is in Pisces Some time off, spent in a soft meditative escape from the world, is in order. All eclipses in this series occurs at the Moon's ascending node. Aries 21 Mar - 19 Apr Libra. Global Revamp on the Way! At work place, you may be applauded for your work. Luck will not favor you for the day. Libra Money and Finances Horoscope: Scope of earning sufficient amounts of money will be limited.

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    For these reasons, Dragon is known to be noble, powerful, generous, and idealistic. Get your free horoscope for today and tomorrow, the most competitive on the Internet. Wealth, Property. Get a free sample from Myastrologycharts. The final eclipse in this series will be on August 3, Yearly Libra horoscope - Free and personalized predictions of Libra, the 7th zodiac sign of astrology Libra dates of birth range : the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Libra from September 23rd until October 23rd.

    Funny, versatile, talkative, fast-thinking and sophisticated Gemini: Your ruling planet is Mercury, your best day of the week is Wednesday and your best colours are spring-like, yellow and lilac.