Weekly horoscope 21 january

This week, try to stop driving yourself wild with the desire for people to be other than who they are. Right now, you carry everything you need in your own body. Right now, nobody else can stand between you and your own quiet brilliance. If you start feeling lonely, remember that other people hold vast, electric worlds inside them, too.

The Week Ahead for Taurus

This is a week for paying attention to the questions and doubts and insecurities that seem simple at first — inconsequential, shallow, and beneath you. But this week, what seems at first to be shallow and slight might be important after all.

What seems at first to lie on the surface might be marking a space where treasure is buried underground. Follow the trail, and see what it shows you. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. There may be one issue though, where you are ready to stand firm. But is doing so in your best interests? As the week gathers pace, other viewpoints can alter your perspective and by the weekend, you may have had a change of heart.

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It might appear that someone is blocking you from pursuing an important goal or idea. The more you resist them, the more they may push back. If you set this matter aside for a few days, upbeat aspects suggest fresh opportunities could emerge, and pursuing these take things in a new direction. What you originally wanted may not seem so urgent or even desirable by then.

It can feel that work has taken precedence over almost everything else, which is why you may be so keen to take a break. If this seems impossible considering your present schedule, it may be that you need to delegate certain tasks.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 21

With a little creative thinking what seemed like a burden may no longer appear so. And if you do get away, then it could lift your spirits and energize you.

The Sun's move into your lifestyle sector can highlight your routines and how well they are working. This can be a major consideration if you are experiencing delays with an important project and wish to remedy this. Don't force the pace, as later in the week a stalemate could give way to a rush of activity that makes up for lost time. Plus, homely get-togethers can be fun too. A romance could become more intense early on, and yet you may have reservations about it. Don't dismiss these as you are right to explore such feelings until you are satisfied all is well.

There is a lot to be said for socializing and accepting invites though, as encounters can bring interesting news and opportunities that may be exactly what you want and need. You may be frustrated by how slowly things are progressing Scorpio. But are delays such a bad thing? Although there may be hold-ups, it could allow you to consider key plans in further detail.

The major planetary energy changes happening this week are:

More positive news can show up towards the end of the week too, when an opportunity to increase your income or cash flow is certainly something to consider, and even take on board. A project or romance may seem great on the surface, and yet you could wonder at the real cost in terms of time and money. As the week progresses though, your heart may begin to rule your head, perhaps encouraging you not to be too cynical and to give it a go.

Certainly, by the weekend Archer, you may have a more positive outlook and be more than happy to continue. Resist the tendency to get defensive. The point is to keep going on a more focused track, not to talk yourself out of actions altogether.

Daily Horoscope January 21, for 12 Zodiac Signs

You can combine Uranian ingenuity and Saturnian know-how to cross lots off your list now. Try not to take critical jabs at people or stress yourself out exercise is an amazing de-stressor! Venus and Mars are both making music with Jupiter in your worth zone, implying that keeping your nose to the grindstone can do wonders for your finances and your self-esteem. Venus mingles with Jupiter in Sagittarius the next day, sending your charisma and luck soaring.

Mars melds with your ruling planet late in the week, clearing any obstacles in your path and revving you up to take a chance that will lead to growth.

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Follow your heart and make a bold romantic or creative move. If it makes you happy and excited, this is about the best dice roll you can get, so go for it! As the week begins, you could have trouble getting out of your own way, due to a fight between Mars in your foundation angle and Saturn in Capricorn. Set boundaries and spend your energy pulling yourself together, however that looks for you. You might, for instance, get busy cleaning the house and organizing your to-do list. A Venus-Jupiter rendezvous occurs soon after phew! You might join forces with a relative or roomie on a domestic project or humanitarian endeavor.

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